Master di I livello

Mater Matuta
Curatorial Practice and Contemporary Philosophy of the Mediterranean
Director Leonardo Caffo
The first edition starts in March 2023


The study and practice of curatorial studies through the philosophical analysis of the concept of the contemporary from a ‘Mediterranean’ perspective.
The master’s course is partly in presence and partly online, combining lectures, individual studying, teamwork, fieldwork and research.

It lasts 12 months and is divided into three phases:
The first being a theoretical part with immersive courses of 130 hours, accessible in blended learning mode (online and/or in-presence).
This is followed by an itinerant phase with visits to partner companies and site-specific experiences.

Finally concluding with a project phase that combines a training internship at one of the master’s partners (or a company of the student’s choice) and the development of the final project (a curatorial output).

The master also includes a series of masterclasses and meetings with professionals from the world of contemporary arts, fashion, design, visual studies and architecture.

The master’s course is held in English apart from exceptional cases.
The master’s course aims to train curators, strategic consultants, creative directors that have a philosophical background but also an immediate operational capacity. Professionals capable of proposing effective visual, design and editorial strategies that make use of heterogeneous mediums and touch-points. Experts who know how to analyse complex scenarios, respond to the needs of public or private clients and develop commercial, intellectual or research projects autonomously. Working with an interdisciplinary approach that places different languages (artistic, editorial, digital, product) at the service of an engaging and meaningful overall vision.
The master’s course is aimed at graduates and professionals in possession of a degree or a 1st level Academic Diploma, coming from humanistic faculties – Philosophy and History of Art first – and design faculties. Mater Matuta is an ideal opportunity to effectively enter the professional context of the creative and artistic/editorial disciplines, in particular as professionals specialised in curating, in creative direction and research.

The master’s course has a total cost of €10,000.

Financial concessions are available:

Super Early Bird : for the first students enrolled in the master’s course, tuition fees are reduced to €6,500. The deadline to apply for this fee is 15 November 2022.

Early Bird : for those enrolling between 16 November 2022 and 13 February 2023, tuition fees are reduced to €8,000.

All amounts are payable in installments.
The costs of travelling, food and accommodation are the responsibility of the participant.

The master’s course combines lectures, individual studying, teamwork, fieldwork and research.


Emanuele Coccia Filosofo
Gianluigi Ricuperati Curatore e scrittore
Giulia Colletti
Andrea Gessner Founder Nottetempo
Azzurra Muzzonigro Architetta, esperta di gender studies

Lorenza Baroncelli
Former Artistic Director la Triennale

Damiano Gulli
Curatore la Triennale

Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev
Direttrice Castello di Rivoli

Adrian Paci
Artista e Direttore di Art House Albania

Cristiano Seganfreddo e Gea Politi
Flash Art 

Marianna Vecellio
Curatrice mostre Castello di Rivoli

Domitilla Dardi
Storica e Curatrice

Tiziana Pers

Giulia Turconi

Franco La Cecla

Anna Castelli
Storica dell’Arte

Pietro Scammacca

Nicola Martini

Valentina Viviani
Artista e Curatrice

Luca Marullo
Architetto e Co-founder di Parasite

Enrico Floriddia

Caterina Molteni Curatrice e Critica d’Arte
Valentina Sonzogni Storica dell’Architettura e dell’Arte
Leonardo Caffo Filosofo


ABADIR. Accademia di Design e Comunicazione Visiva

ABADIR is a Design and Visual Communication Academy based in Catania. It’s a private institution belonging to the AFAM sector, authorized by the Italian Ministry of Education (MUR) to award qualifications of Higher Education. instagram facebook

At ABADIR we promote design as a transformative discipline that can be instrumental in providing innovative and impactful solutions to cultural and socio-economic issues. Through design-related disciplines, we strive to equip our students with the skill-set and perspectives that will enable them to navigate our rapidly changing world and to shape a sustainable future.


Leonardo Caffo

Valentina Viviani

Alessia Amenta
Program Manager

Lucia Giuliano
ABADIR Director